March 20, 2011

lil things

It's been like centuries since I updated my blog, things happen a lot. Good or Bad life still goes on.

oh btw i just got back from Italy (Firenze, Pisa, Roma) with my clothes hahaha

This is an EXPENSIVE piece of cloth, thou i dont really know why there is so many polo polo branded polo tee. its really expensive till I dont dare to wear it xDD...the truth is, Im TOO fat to fit in!! (# >w< #)
Seriously i need to gam fei so i can buy many many nice cloth when i travels to taiwan, hong kong, Uk. france, italy, Europe aint a dream anymore !! i m so going there after my graduation. aint going when my Honeymoon~~ hahaha, Change of era, probably going to outer space when honeymoon bahahahaha

*to JAY chou fans, I DO NOT HATE Jay C, but i DO NOT like him either*

Who can see what i did in this picture? =P
Yea.. i know there are people couldn't went to his concert, dont jealous cause this aint my ticket either. I just took them for this following purpose *grin*
1. Step it
2. throw it
3. dump it into rubbish bin
4. torment it !
that's it =P dont get angry cause i did those to the ticket that total worth RM1,200+ 
i just did it just to KACAU my friends nyaks!

hehe but they really really enjoy his performance in the concert, sure hope it worth for. Bcoz i really rather to buy the DVD ahahahahaha

I went back to my hometown very very often since CNY, went back for 9 days during CNY, went back again after a week i came back KL. Then i go back again, almost stayed for a month there.
MY friends asked why i kept travelling back between kl n my home town. kinda addicted with stress-less life in small town. daily badminton match. meals is definitely is nicer than KL food.  

being like a kid, playing with FLOUR !
pig: *muushu* *muushu*
Anyone wanted to taste my handmade sushi ka?

Introduce: kaidan the Snowman lalala~ *sings*

flour were meant to make Char Guo xD

Perhaps next week i going back again? xD

March 10, 2011

i miss u

 No words can express how i feel now, its been almost a month time i spend in my hometown, seeing lusky grow. Seeing lusky playing with bobby, seeing him sitting in front of me hoping i give his some food that i was eating. 

now i could not touch nor see him again. If he were taken to the vet earlier.. he could be saved. 
I still hoping of passed these few days he would eventually return like usual, playing around with bobby, using his poor eye sight look at us when we were eating. 

i couldn't write anymore

i miss him already...

if only miracle HAPPENS in today.

November 25, 2010

lets smile and enjoy life

Has a crazy Month of November loves 
Has been going out very very frequent, till the day of exam. After exam, brought my baby for her first service, really is as told by a friend, what also they say need.. insanity! i am broke ... officially announcing bankruptcy ! money-less... yet i enjoy it till the very MAX! 

Went to Genting after car service, it was so foggy! it would be super duper nice to have real life L4D at there! yeah~ Weather was freaking cold, cold enough to cause Mz™ shaking "if you want your cake, you have to do the booty SHAKE" haha more shaky than that i bet!

VIP special treatment due to the Blur VIP~ people open jockey parking for us, but we went round & round to car park 4 haha. *you spin me right round baby right round~ * =DDD

Oh No !!! i went to Genting with no tee, no shirt, no jeans, no Shoes! poor me.... 
So we did a little project runway in GENTING~

Doraemon in Genting =d

spotted our ride went EATING fog...
mini mini, love to say yeee haaaaa
and love to scold the driver FOR NOT wearing his safety belt !!! Mini camden is like a tamaguchi, when fuel less then 10litres, if will talk as if he/she is hungry !!

Got any wonder of what 4 rookies doing in casino?
We were wondering around the casino filled with smoke, *cough* dying soon caused by lungs kancerrrr.

Slot machine, the first thing we play, the money gone like water by just pulling the puller or press the bet credit.. lalalalala. Its real funny seeing Mz pulling the puller ! yang was opposing, he kept saying "Win win!! " 
sounded like when i was young playing basketball. " Cant IN ! Cant IN !! *the ball* "~~ lalalaaa

2nd game we play, Big & Small... we were a little hurry in playing, whatever we buy, it open the another. 5 round to play just say Byebye in a blink. I'm STRESS! cause i am the one placing the bets. T _ T sadly.....
Have to camp there for very long to win.... Eeeyerrr.
Credit finish! Time to change next round entertainment ~~ yohooooo

 Cloud9 Bar & lounge, "Lollitas" singing band in da house, at first thought is some club, and saw the POSTER of "lollitas" singing band, ewwwwww. After circling few round around, and we hear SINGING inside from the bar!! so, after CASINO we went here, the guy with the guitar has a good voice!!! others girls... can go slam wall bei. :d

Disco Disco ! uhh uhh! Disco Disco ! Uhh Uhh ! (Zohan) giggles 

My first "Cock" tail drink, yeah it was a light one, lucky for me..  long island and margarita ain't drinkable for me. Too hard to drink, and my blue lagoon is pretty enough to make my face went RED, im Shy *blushing* #( *' , ')#
yeahhh, i am a lousy drinker. On the good side is.. save $$ from drinking alcohol! rawr...

Before heading down to KL, we pay a visit to Genting Sii Door Behh Lei Farm, pick strawberry !! all so red ~

100gm = RM6, i was super blur i thought could only pick 100gm hahaaa

CUTTING red red strawberry

its too delicious until yang have to eat 2 stick of strawberry ice xD

our ride has a face also. haha big eye car xD

Doraemon has changes his ride, not time machine, not takecopter anymore, Veeeee V^^V
modern doraemon drive MINI ! mini mini mini

Wednesday night dinner,
Hokkaido Ichiba
Kita no Zen, i will visit this place more often =)
*byebye Zanmai, you no longer my number 1*

Yummy Tasty Fatty Juicy Salmon Sashimi

 Ohhh ! soft shell KANIIIII
Kani: YO, ebi ~
kaidan: Naniiiiii ebiiii !?!?!

 I don't think any other Japanese restaurant in mall has okonomiyaki... i thought i have to go until Japan to try it... awwww its so tasty! WHEN IS THE NEXT ROUND !?

 Kaidan: DON'T eat meeeee 

 I thought is mesh white carrot, when it goes in my mouth, its SALT !!! bluekkkkk 

 yang ordered the "tira miss u", ended it taste like his mom n him make de tiramisu recipe !
Auntie chia ! can open bakery and sell it !!! hehe... i am craving for more now 

all our desert has eaten before taking photo, even my mango parfait i didnt take at all, the mango ice cream taste nicer smoother then Haagen Dazs !!! you got to try it !!

 Almost all of us is specky~
only Ben didnt wear ! 
Pei is not specky !! 
tsk tsk

November 12, 2010

Loves November

Its been so long since my last update on KB...

My 3rd laopo =d
I dont need another car any more, Myvi is enough ^^ Thankyou mummy & aunt =)

It's Jit Ann 21's Birthday! oh god... how fast are we aging T_T
Golden key age, free to do anything! J. Ann got Humongous Key shape cake, poor me carrying it from pavilion to star hill..yet! star hill closed its main door for renovation, i have to walk all the way down T.T to side entrance.  Take food also hand shake..... 

the JIT's! 

Awwww, I got a gold key on ann's birthday too.... awwww love ya aunt ^^ <3

Everyone in pavilion is turning their eye focusing on me >///< for carrying such BIG cake around haha....
AND! for your information, i am not delivery boy! YOU all should be jealous that ur bf/gf never bought such big cake for u laalalaalallaalaaaaaaaa

The big brother =P
Went to Jogoya to celebrate, went there twice! and i cant hae a sip of Alchohol!!! Jogoya even gave us a bottle of wine for VIP's! i cant drink T _ T.... 
Not Fair~ some how, that night i feel like i ate very very little compared with last time. Vip lobster bake cheese, also cant finish..... the cheese argh.. FULL!

 out-out, outing for the whole week of first November, man! i love November <3
wawa still have his sexy babe tee =D

 Got this from lim jetjet! hehe, hiao norh..... do mask ~,~

from taiwan ~ haha

look like ghost spoooky~~~~
Yang: yu yang 2 generation HOHOHOOHOOO
what to do, i wan become leng zaiii then him lalalaalala~~

Got into an accident and causes my laopo got scratched sobssss, heartache ttm, ='( maybe for certain people getting scratch on their car is nothing, but to me is painful that i caused my car to be scratched....

HeartAche!!!!! its ok babe, i'll bring u go do "plastic surgery"after my resit examination, make you become leng lui back, But no worry i wont turn you into something like this..... HEHEHEEe bluek =P

I feel so JAPAAAANese
 Ochaa time!
I feel like after i drank ocha, i kept walking to the wc. (pipe leaking!!!)

Its so relaxing, while drinking rokuchaaaaaaaa

got a new record for yam cha session [5 hours at mamak from 11pm till 4am da morning] plus feeding moookitoooooo